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$7.18 by glyphobet
This is a fourteen-sided die with cuboctohedral symmetry. The hexagonal and square faces are exactly the same area, so they are equally likely land...
Not For Sale by nemrod
Inner size 21mm
$10.00 by Sanjeev
This is a female Diaclone driver/pilot figure suitable for use with any existing Diaclone toys or with the ST or DX "Powered Suit Fake Type" suits ...
$34.43 by JGarrett
"Knot" based on the woodcut "Knots Colour" by M.C. Escher. I designed the knot to be printed in FUD. This material prints well and maintains nice s...
$228.38 by sidnaique
Sculpture of a punished kid. This is a 10 inch version. Visit my shop for more sizes or contact me for custom sizes. sidnaique.
$37.01 by artisteroi
Custom kitchen/ bathroom tiles. Contact me If you want something special
$5.95 by Smileynulk
PEWpew. Not much else to say, but 2 inches long.
$12.95 by Smileynulk
PEWpew. Not much else to say, but 3 inches long!
$11.53 by ckillby
$1.64 by mcbeezy