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Not For Sale by bartv
Here's a little 3d puzzle I created. After studying some on-line photographs of similar puzzles I made the pieces, beveled them and then used Blend...
Not For Sale by jochem
We're changing to a new name soon ;-)
$9.32 by aeronick
This spatula is sized for my 45-60 cm dollfie dreams, but would be suitable for any BJDs around that size. The handle size goes up to about 1cm x 1...
$20.46 by mkermol
The perfect gift for the fantasy fixated signifficant other. This small heart shaped pendant is a support cage for a fictional steam powered m...
$13.61 by mkermol
The first in an upcoming series of artistic easter eggs. The egg's dimmensions are that of a real chicken egg, so it'll make a perfect addition t...
$76.43 by sebastiencravoisier
$28.58 by HydraulicDruid
The first thing I uploaded to Shapeways. It's quite a fun little shape to fiddle with or to put on a shelf. Original description as follows: A sor...
Not For Sale by jmlait
The Tridude from POWDER, ideally the body painted green and pupils black. Hollow with three holes in the legs.
$6.99 by OtsegoDoom
A pendant featuring the bee from the TV hit, Breaking Bad. This bee symbol was featured prominently on the chemical barrels in the background of t...
$20.21 by ImAleXD
bulbasaur :) That's that... My favorite pokemon