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$19.73 by Outward
$19.10 by Outward
$81.66 by m3dprintworks
Model created in Zbrush OBJ file format Sexily posed and modeled for that little stylish bit of decor. A great piece of contemporary art ideally su...
$28.04 by MartijnvanderWielen
Toyfactory Figurine, straight out of the Toyfactory animation!
$27.55 by Tortuga
A manga girl with a lollipop.
$96.86 by eSculpt
Alien figurine 12cm tall incl. base.
$10.22 by nehon
An Halfling Druid figurine for a board game
$12.88 by nehon
A barbarian model for a board game inspired from Kim Byung Jin work in the manwa Jackals. It may looks like a more urban barbarian that one would e...
$15.95 by residentNinja
Rawr! Now you can befriend a tiny triceratops of your very own! Great if you paint him so that your little buddy can be his most dapper best!
$12.00 by ViktorLambov
Dragoelephant is a great toy and a pendant that you can wear. It best fits a metal material, and it represents a dragon and an elephant, it could a...