Dremelfuge Classic

Dremelfuge Classic 3d printed
Dremelfuge Classic 3d printed Dremelfuge Classic 3d printed Dremelfuge Classic 3d printed Dremelfuge Classic 3d printed Dremelfuge Classic 3d printed Dremelfuge mounted on a Dremel 300. Speeds and G-forces achievable with this ultra-cheap centrifugation setup far exceed those on a commercial centrifuge, however the resilience of the tubes themselves limits applications to 14,000g maximum. Dremelfuge Classic 3d printed Dremelfuge was lovingly crafted in OpenSCAD, an open-source CAD suite specifically designed for 3D printing. Dremelfuge Classic 3d printed The updated Dremelfuge with three commonly used microcentrifuge tubes or accessories for scale and fit. Shown without the Dremel tool attached. 3d Model Viewer

About this Product

Update: Dremelfuge is now provisionally available in the "Strong and Flexible" material, after some basic testing. No guarantee of safety is given, as always. The "Strong & Flexible" material Dremelfuge creates more vibration in use, which may indicate less stability than the "Grey Robust" (ABS) material. Caveat Emptor: As always, Dremelfuge is sold as an ornament, and any use as a tool is a risk entirely taken by the purchaser/user. I accept no responsibility for the safety of Dremelfuge.

DremelFuge is a centrifuge rotor for use with a rotary tool such as the popular "Dremel". As an Open-Source Hardware, DIYbio-inspired design it is intended to enable and inspire scientists world-wide.

At a rotary speed of 33,000rpm (the top speed for a standard Dremel 300), Dremelfuge can deliver up to 52,000g/rcf (1g = the force of Earth's gravity) on a sample in a standard 1.5ml microcentrifuge tube, measured halfway down the tube. This far exceeds the speeds typically used in lab protocols.

Dremelfuge can be used to collect bacteria, proteins, DNA or anything else suspended in a sample. Dremelfuge can be used to extract plasmids from cultures, to purify and cleanse DNA after enzymatic reactions, to remove precipitated impurities or for any other task calling for a powerful centrifuge.

It requires only the 5mm cutting tool holder that comes with the Dremel 300.

For safety reasons, Dremelfuge is sold as an ornament or curio; although demonstrated to be effective and reliable for routine lab tasks, use of Dremelfuge for any task other than as a decorative item is performed entirely at the risk of the buyer. It is suggested that all appropriate safety precautions be taken in such cases, including but not limited to eye protection.

The source files for Dremelfuge are hosted on Thingiverse here:
What's in the Box

Dremelfuge Classic in White Strong & Flexible
Width Height Depth
6.396 cm 6.396 cm 1.25 cm
This model is 3D Printed in White Strong & Flexible: White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.
Model version 2 | Last updated on 03/09/2012

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