Centrifugal Puzzle Box

Centrifugal Puzzle Box 3d printed
Centrifugal Puzzle Box 3d printed Centrifugal Puzzle Box 3d printed Centrifugal Puzzle Box 3d printed Centrifugal Puzzle Box 3d printed 'Clue' is sold separately (see description below) Centrifugal Puzzle Box 3d printed Centrifugal Puzzle Box 3d printed Centrifugal Puzzle Box 3d printed Centrifugal Puzzle Box 3d printed Centrifugal Puzzle Box 3d printed 3d Model Viewer

About this Product

Take a look at the new and improved version in the style of a present that is the perfect gift this Christmas!

Centrifugal Puzzle Box - This is a unique one of a kind 3D printed puzzle box that can store anything with dimensions of less than 39x39x13mm that is opened/solved in an intriguing way, simply spinning the puzzle box on a flat surface will unlock the lid, however this is not that obvious:

On the lid of the box are six sliders of different shapes, these can slide along rails in the lid, there are also three spring loaded buttons that can be pressed and released, however don't be fooled, these sliders and buttons have absolutely no purpose at all in helping solve the puzzle and open the box, these sliders and buttons are simply a distraction to confuse the user.
There is one clue towards the solution of opening this puzzle box for the user, firstly, you may have notice the numbers around the top face of the lid, these are actually coded in the format of "A=1 B=2 C=3" and actually decode clockwise starting from the number after the small circle to read "give-me-a-rapid-spin-to-unlock-my-lid", this may seem hard to notice, and it is, however I have designed an optional additional clue towards finding this clue: This 3D printed keyring (sold separately) contains embedded within it, using a special wax that is trapped within the keyring during the 3D printing process, a QR code and the word 'CLUE' above it (just to make it that bit more obvious), if the user is stuck while solving the Centrifugal Puzzle Box they can choose to reveal this clue by using an IOS device with a camera (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch 4g) to read the QR code by using a barcode reader application (tested with an app called 'Scan') to reveal the text "A=1 B=2 C=3" on the device's display which should help the user decode the message on the puzzles lid helping them to solve the puzzle and open the lid.

The Mechanism -The mechanism used inside this puzzle box is a unique and interesting one and is best described in the video below, there are four 6mm ball bearings (not included) which are inserted into the four channels in the side faces of the box, these ball bearings can move freely in their short channels, the lid has corresponding loops that lower into these channels when the lid is placed on. Once the lid is placed on and the box is given a shake, the ball bearings should all be at random points in their channels, some will be across these loops in the lid which will stop that loop from being pulled out stopping the lid being pulled off thus locking the puzzle. When the puzzle is spun, all the ball bearings travel to the outside of their channel so none are obscuring the loops in the lid meaning the lid can now be freely removed therefore unlocking the puzzle.

Some excess powder from the 3D printing process may be left in the holes around the top face of the puzzle box that the pins in the lid go into preventing the lid from being placed on fully and preventing the puzzle box from locking, this powder can be removed easily by simply using a unfolded paperclip to scrape the powder out of the bottom of the holes and tapping the box upside down to remove the powder.
The distraction sliders may also need a bit of wriggling to get them to start sliding due to trapped powder from the 3D printing process.

Please note that six 6mm ball bearings are required for this puzzle to work, they can be purchased very cheaply on eBay.
The QR code 'Clue' is sold separately here.
What's in the Box

Centrifugal Puzzle Box in White Strong & Flexible
Width Height Depth
9.244 cm 16.1 cm 2.7 cm
This model is 3D Printed in White Strong & Flexible: White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.
Model version 1 | Last updated on 11/10/2014

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