MG144-JAL04 Jalyrkieon Trooper Squad

MG144-JAL04 Jalyrkieon Trooper Squad 3d printed
MG144-JAL04 Jalyrkieon Trooper Squad 3d printed MG144-JAL04 Jalyrkieon Trooper Squad 3d printed MG144-JAL04 Jalyrkieon Trooper Squad 3d printed Crude sketch of unarmoured Jalyrkieon taken from first contact scenario. MG144-JAL04 Jalyrkieon Trooper Squad 3d printed MG144-JAL04 Jalyrkieon Trooper Squad 3d printed 3d Model Viewer
  • White Strong & Flexible

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


About this Product

Jalyrkeion Hierarchy

The Jalyrkieons are an unusual race of quadrupeds with an innate telekinetic talent. They are located quite close to the Vivrathk Aggression, and the two races have a long history of conflict.

A Jalyrkieon has a body shape roughly comparable to a terrestrial equine. They stand about four feet tall at the withers , and weigh around 550-600lbs, being quite stockily built. They are not covered by a covering of hair, like a horse, but a thick skin, more like a hippopotamus. Hair is present in a ruff from the forehead down to the withers, and again in the tail, which, like an equines, is mostly vestigial made and composed of little else. They can be varied in colour, from deep purple through to an ocean blue, with some ethnicities tending to green or turquoise. Eye and hair colour tends to be much more varied, though the former tends more towards “warm” shades and the latter to “cold.” Extremes like black or white hair are biologically impossible – the lack pigmentation due to age or the equivalent of albinism tends to be towards a muted blue-grey. (Though hair dye for those colours is not unheard of, but is as unusual as a human dyeing their hair blue or green.)

The most immediate obvious difference from a terrestrial equine is in the head, however. A Jalyrkieon’s head is more foreshortened than a typical equine, and with a much larger forehead, which situates both the much larger brain and eyes. These are set in a spectroscopic formation slightly above the nose, which has a more distinctively “pinched” look.

The head is tipped with a set of four short horns. Two project slightly forward, over the eyes, leaning slightly to either side of the vertical plane, and two others point backward, just over the ears. The horns are sturdy and sharp enough to be defensive weapons in their own right. However, their primary purpose is to direct and control the Jalyrkieon’s natural telekinesis.

Unlike a terrestrial equine, a Jalyrkieon has a mouth of sharp, ripping and slashing teeth. While it is true that Jalyrkieons are carnivores, it is true in the same sense that canids are carnivores. Meat is an important part of their diet, but they are by no means exclusively carnivorous.

Jalyrkieon telekinesis is extremely powerful. It is not well understood, even by the Jalyrkieon themselves, but has both psionic and magical components, and resistant to anti-supernatural fields; while their range and power is reduced, it is very difficult to negate completely. The effect is mostly non-luminescent, though considerable effort from highly skilled individuals can cause the horns and target to dimly glow. (The colour of this glow varies, but is usually white or very pale blue.)

In effect, each of the four horns controls a telekinetic “limb” (though this is greatly oversimplifying), allowing them as much and more manipulatory ability than most creatures with hands and fingers. Their strength is difficult to measure precisely, but can be roughly estimated as being slightly above human average with each “limb” and considerable strength when combined.

Jalyrkieons have very large brains in comparison to their body size, significantly more than most hominoids. Their brains are divided into four lobes, rather than two, each one having control over one horn, as hominoids have left and right hemispheres. Most of this extra brain-matter is dedicated to processing their telekinetic abilities. They are capable of multitasking to a significant degree, and essentially their “telekinetic limbs” can each be doing independent tasks, or working coherently. This ability is somewhat limited by the fact they still have some limits on their ability to process data.

Jalyrkieons are able to use their telekinesis very effectively as weapons. While they are not especially adept at hurling large cumbersome objects (like creatures) around, their ability to throw small blades or manipulate simple weapons is extremely high, and the simplicity of such actions means they can often use several with frightening proficiency.

Modern Jalyrkieon soldiers are noted for being very heavily armed for infantry, many carrying the equivalent of two rifles, which they can use simultaneously. The heavy powered armour compensates somehwat for the fact they cannot take cover quite as easily, due to their larger profile. This also means that they operate in smaller squads, usually in groups of four. However, the amount of firepower they can wield, in concert with their armour and own very high racial endurance and damage resistance, means that a squad of four Jalyrkieons is often equal to twice as many hominoids in terms of firepower and effectiveness.

With their greater ability to carry munitions as well, due to their body shape lending itself well to portaging, they can also carry a consummate supply of power cells or ammunition. Consequently, anti-armour weapons are also seen in greater numbers in infantry units.

Most squads break into two fireteams of two, one with a TZD-3 Azorn Missile Launcher and six reloads and three rifles, and the other with two rifles and a heavy support weapon, typically a heavy phased plasma cannon.
What's in the Box

MG144-JAL04 Jalyrkieon Trooper Squad in White Strong & Flexible
Width Height Depth
2.92 cm 3.28 cm 1.8 cm
This model is 3D Printed in White Strong & Flexible: White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.
Last updated on 07/10/2015

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  • White Strong & Flexible

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.



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