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It's easy to filter your Sales Overview to view your payment details. You can filter the Sales Overview to view the details for any month. Let's take a look at the how to see data for an October 15, 2012 payment date in a program that can open CSV files, like Microsoft Excel.


  • 1. Download your Sales Overview Download (csv). Remember you need to be logged in to download your Sales Overview CSV!
  • 2. Open the Sales Overview CSV with a program like Microsoft Excel.
  • 3. Select row 3. Make sure the row is selected!

    Select Row 3
  • 4. Select 'Data' from the menu bar and select 'Filter'. Make sure that row 3 is still selected!

    Select Data
  • 5. Find column 'K' titled 'Production Status', select the filter drop-down, and only select 'Shipped'.

    Select Shipped
  • 6. Find column 'R' titled 'Payment Date', select the filter drop-down, and only select '2012-10-15'.

    Select Payment Date
  • 7. Select all values in column 'M' titled 'Markup (VAT Excluded)'. The sum here will be equal to the sub-total of your Payment Invoice. The sum here is $284.31

    Select Payment Markup
  • 8. Select the Markup Invoice Overview worksheet.
  • 9. Find the Markup Date that corresponds with the payment date. In our example it is 2012-10-15.

    Select Markup Date
  • 10. Subtract column 'E' title 'Markup Fee (VAT Excluded)' from the sum of 'Markup (VAT Excluded)'. 284.31-9.95 = 274.36

    Subtract Col E
  • 11. Add column 'C' titled 'Total Markup VAT' to the amount you calculated in step 10. 274.36+57.62 = 331.98

    Add Col C
  • 12. The amount calculated in step 11 should match column 'G' for the row associated with the 2012-10-15 'Markup Date'. This is the amount you were paid for all sales from 2012-09-15 to 2012-10-14.

    Calc Match

Download Order Overview .csv
(note: you must be logged in)


Q: Why do I have to hover over the cells? Can't I just use SUM()?
A: Unfortunately, Excel's SUM() feature ignores any filters you've applied. This causes the SUM'd amount to include any Cancelled orders that were placed, and thus gives you an inaccurate number.

Q: Will this work with LibreOffice/Google Docs or another spreadsheet program?
A: It should. The steps may be different, however, as we haven't run through the same process in other office applications.

Q: After going through the steps you outlined above, my payment numbers still don't match!!
A: If you're still having issues, please Contact Customer Service.

Q: How come 'Total Markup Vat', 'Markup Earned', 'Markup Fee (VAT Excluded)', and 'Markup Fee (VAT Included)' are not available in the Sales Overview sheet?
A: We're currently working on making these columns available in the Sales Overview sheet, we appreciate you hanging in there with us!

Q: Why are all of your screenshots taken on a Mac? PC FTW!!
A: Some of us use Mac's, some PC's! No need to hate.



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