Leaf Skeleton iPhone 5 / 5s case

  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


This is for iPhone 5 / 5s only. If you want the iPhone 4 / 4s case, follow this link.

The skeletal essence of a dead leaf, with minute details of veins in different widths. I replicated the branching straight out of pictures from dead leaves, so the pattern is extremely realistic.

All the buttons and connections are clear, the case clicks in tightly and securely.

Note: If you are worried about the stem almost touching the flash area, that has been fixed. I moved the stem farther to the right than in the model I used for the pics, so do not worry about it, it will not screw up your flash pics.


IN: 2.401 w x 2.401 d x 2.401 h
CM: 6.098 w x 12.752 d x 1.152 h