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MG144-SV010 TOS10 Kresnik Grav Rocket Tank

  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.



The TOS-10 Kresnik is the newest fire support tank. Mounted on a grav T150 hull - shared with the Fext - the Kresnik mounts a large rocket turret. Seventy-two small semiguided rockets alllow it to provide sustained missile support to its ground troops. These rockets can be fired at a target through a weapons lock from anothe vehicle (e.g. a sensor-variant Marzanna) providing some much-needed spotting support. in addition, the Kresnik mounts a sensor array of its own.

Its heavy warhead load come a the price of rendering the Kresnik unable to carry any secondary weapons, however.

All turrets in the sci-soviet range are interchangable.


IN: 0.969 w x 0.969 d x 0.969 h
CM: 2.46 w x 5.29 d x 3.512 h