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Apple earbuds cord wrapper

Choose Material
  • Royal Blue

    Dark blue, richly colored nylon plastic with a smooth finish.


This is a little thing that you can wrap your Apple / iPhone earbuds around so that they don't get super ultra tangled in your backpack or bag. It is specifically fit to Apple earbuds, so it is no good for other types of earbuds or headphones. I am not sure if there are many models of Apple earbuds with specific sizing that changes from year to year. The earbuds I used for the design are from about a year ago.


IN: 1 w x 1 d x 1 h
CM: 2.54 w x 5.536 d x 2.532 h


Very clean design! Looks really cool with the earbuds around it.
December 21, 2013, 9:10 pm