0002. Fairy of Creation

0002. Fairy of Creation 3d printed Figurines Desk Toys
0002. Fairy of Creation 3d printed Figurines Desk Toys
0002. Fairy of Creation 3d printed Figurines Desk Toys
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Name: Fairy of Creation

Function: To materialize anything within the knowledge databank for educational purposes.

Tools: Creation Visor - used to project and create physical things as long as it is in the databank.


Modernization of man brought great wealth and fortune, but satisfaction could not be found in their hearts. "We need more wood to create houses!" said the home builder, and so his men started chopping down the forest, the number of trees continued to dwindle. "We need more animals for the fast food restaurants!" yelled the franchise owner, and so the animals met an army of butchers.

"Sirs, please wait, listen to my report, mother nature is dying and it's all your fault!" pleaded a scientist. He was heard but ignored, their attention was not meant to be borrowed, for he spoke to men of only the present, they have no care for tomorrow.

Years passed and the technology improved, trees could be cut faster, animals continued to be mass slaughtered. No limits, no breaks, though wood and animals now go to waste, "Sir we're already wasting too much when we could save for another day!" said the scientist. Again he was ignored by the businessman, whose only concerns are supply and demand.

Soon the trees were no more and the animals followed, it was just too much abuse which led to nature's sorrow. People panicked for their lives, will they be forced to eat each other to stay alive?

Scientists were suddenly funded by men, the same men who used to ignore their warnings back then. "Find a solution to this problem you geeks, make a machine that will create things that we need!" they ordered. The scientists spent their days and nights, trying to quickly solve the mystery of life. Unfortunately for them the simple truth remained, to create things you need things, to create life you need life.

Having resigned to their approaching fate, they instead worked on a mechanical thing. Little by little they built this being, infusing it with knowledge of both man and the stars.

"You will still remain after we're long gone, but you will hold mankind's knowledge, that you cannot abandon. You are a thing that can create things, from the soil, the sand, and everything you can see on land. When the time comes that you find life again, show them our mistakes so that it won't be repeated again! You are now known as the Fairy of Creation!"


IN: 1.036 w x 3 d x 1.337 h
CM: 2.632 w x 7.62 d x 3.396 h
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