Hooded Vase

Hooded Vase 3d printed Accessories For Your Home An Introvert vase
An Introvert vase
  • Gloss Black Ceramics

    Deep black ceramic with a glossy, smooth finish. Food-safe.


The Hooded Vase is an introvert and somewhat gloomy vase with the look of a hoodee containing a more life-affirming flower (not included). The shape of the hood enables a directed positioning that reserves the view of the flower for your eyes only, much like the dashboard controls of an Alfa Romeo. Please note: The model turns out very nicely as a 3D printed product, with a heavy and solid feel to it. The ceramic materials do not hold water, so they are not suited for keeping a flower alive for long, so please pick strong & flexible or metal if you wish to use it as a vase for living flowers.


IN: 2.335 w x 2.335 d x 2.335 h
CM: 5.932 w x 5.932 d x 11.906 h