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Fracture-12 Puzzle

  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


Fracture-12 is based on the geometry of the hexagonal dipyramid. Like my earlier puzzles Fracture-10 and Fracture-6, it is a jumbling, but not shape-shifting puzzle. With Fracture-12, I have truncated the shape since the top and bottom vertices would otherwise be quite large. The puzzle has six axes of rotation, each capable of 90 degree turns, but only when the edges around that vertex are pointing in the same direction. Otherwise 180 degree turns must be used.

Fracture-10 comes as a DIY kit of parts, and you will need to supply your own stickers. The templates for the stickers are available in the instructions forum.

I recommend that you purchase the puzzle in "Black Strong & Flexible". It costs a bit more than the white material, but it's worth it since the finished puzzle will look and work better. All of the parts snap together, so no additional screws, springs, or other hardware is required.

Have fun!


IN: 3.672 w x 3.672 d x 3.672 h
CM: 9.326 w x 10.288 d x 8.548 h