Sunlink - FoC Seeker Weapons v.2

Sunlink - FoC Seeker Weapons v.2 3d printed SciFi
This particular set of weapons was inspired by Supreme Class Cybertron Starscreem's pop-out lasers. There are two different sets of 5mm pegs to allow the weapons to plug into Fall of Cybertron Starscreems fists, forearm and wing peg holes. This page is for a set of corresponding left and right (pair) of the Version 2 weapons.
cm: 4.23 w x 2.142 d x 6.076 h
in: 1.665 w x 0.843 d x 2.392 h


  • Sandstone

    Delicate and grainy, with a coarse finish and sand-like color.


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