World Peace III (Globe)

World Peace III (Globe) 3d printed Pendants Full color sandstone globe
Full color sandstone globe
  • Full Color Sandstone

    Fully colored material with a coarse finish and a delicate feel.


After World Peace I and World Peace II got rejected,
it was silent for a long time.
But the world could wait no longer, so it was high time for World Peace III

Please watch the video for details and instructions.

A combinatory 3D print consisting of a two-part cage design with a peace logo and a color sandstone printed globe.
This is the brightly colored earth globe for use in the Peace cage.
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It's a bit tricky to fit together, but please just be gentle :-)
The nylon cage material is quite flexible as you can see in the video,
but brute force may break it.
For optimal longevity I recommend to coat the globe in a clear spray paint and glue the cage parts together.

Get a complete set


Other shapes and size will be available soon!


IN: 1.415 w x 1.415 d x 1.415 h
CM: 3.594 w x 3.564 d x 3.594 h