Workbench Cupholder for a Big Ass Cup

  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


Are you tired of spilling your XXXXL coffee all over your work table? With the 'Workbench Cupholder for a Big Ass Cup', you won't find yourself cryin' 'Cowboy' no more! NO! With the Workbench Cupholder for a Big Ass Cup, you'll be able to savor every last drop of Cowboy Coffee this side of Mini-Mart 36's auto' whirrin' latte MACHINE! Whether it's a French Vanilla, Cherry-Caramel Mocha, or a Caramel-Vanilla-Chocolate-Cherry-Baileys Latte that you prefer from the magical whirrin' machine, we have you covered for when you need a break from sawin' shit.


IN: 12.101 w x 12.101 d x 12.101 h
CM: 30.736 w x 21.386 d x 39.28 h