Dual Leaf Teapot and Server - Body w/ Lids

Dual Leaf Teapot and Server - Body w/ Lids 3d printed Accessories Dining
Like specialty teas? Don't want to have to wait for an entire pot of water to boil in order to just get a cup of tea? Maybe you just want a decorative server for milk and cream for your party? Then the Dual Leaf Teapot and Server may just be what you're looking for! It is a two-chambered pot designed in the essence of the duality of tea: one spout has a flowing design, representative of water, while the other spout is sectioned in the design of tea fields. Impress your friends with this artistic addition to any dinner set! Please note the size before you order. Thank you!

cm: 11.192 w x 10.43 d x 5.018 h
in: 4.406 w x 4.106 d x 1.976 h


  • Glazed Ceramics

    Bright white ceramic with a glossy, smooth finish. Food-safe.