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Flamingo Cake Topper

Flamingo Cake Topper 3d printed Sculptures Dining Flamingo Cake Topper
Flamingo Cake Topper
  • Hot Pink

    Bright pink, richly colored nylon plastic with a smooth finish.


How about some Flamingo legs dissappearing in the cakey ground, giving the illusion of a tropical water spectacle dominated by pink flamingos? Or better yet, misuse the Phoenicopterus' keen natural ability to ward off intruders of its preciously guarded supply of bodily replenishment or pecking order of the flock. Might also (not) be ill looking as a corsage for that ball or even wedding in dire need of some fancy flocking flamingos. Also flamingo collectors surely will be impressed by this piece.

You can also express your love of the flamingo by using it as a hairpin.

Inspired by Salvador Dali.

Selected as a winning design in Shapeways' 3D Printed Wedding Contest. Thank you Shapeways for the lovely photographs :)

Flamingo Cake topper's total length is 14.9cm or 5.9 inches.
Note: You would need two to make a couple.
Revised edition: hollowed out body, thickened legs.


IN: 2.243 w x 2.243 d x 2.243 h
CM: 5.696 w x 2.328 d x 14.938 h