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Heart Swap Spinner Flat Radial Etch - 6"

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  • Violet Purple

    Dark purple, richly colored nylon plastic with a smooth finish.


This is The Heart Swap Spinning Mobile Series.
Each of the 6 hearts in these mobiles spins freely to create beautiful hypnotic patterns that will catch the eye and your heart.

All of the mobiles in this series are interchangeable, so you and your friends can create your own custom mobiles! ~ Hold the tiny heart at the top of the spin rod and push the bottom heartlock up a little, turn 90 degrees, and pull down. Now you can remove the central rod and swap different colored and/or shaped hearts till you head spins!!!
Trade a heart with your love, so you each have a reminder of each other every time the wind blows...
mix n match:
Flat ~ Flat Rising Sun ~ Flat Spiral ~ Flat Radial Etch ~ Rising Sun ~ Spiral Ribs ~ Ringlets
Send me pics of your combinations! Or your ideas for new creations!


IN: 5.919 w x 5.919 d x 5.919 h
CM: 15.034 w x 1.272 d x 14.732 h