32-obls-case-typeC-v1.0 3d printed Gadgets Cases
This case is designed to accept the Open Workbench Logic Sniffer, and its add-on Wing in a slot underneath the main board. An additional slot is provided for a sliding removable lid, which gives protection against ESD whilst allowing quick access to the buttons and headers. If the lid is made from clear acrylic, then the LED indicators will also be visible. In summary, this case houses a 32Bit version of the logic sniffer, with headers. NB:- If headers are not required please check my "B" Version of this case, which uses less material and is therefore slightly cheaper.
cm: 9.5 w x 2.7 d x 5.2 h
in: 3.74 w x 1.063 d x 2.047 h


  • Sandstone

    Delicate and grainy, with a coarse finish and sand-like color.