Reinforced TVAN Flood Light Bracket

Reinforced TVAN Flood Light Bracket 3d printed Gadgets Lighting
A reinforced model of my original TVAN flood light bracket made at the request of a user of the original model. This model features a 0.5mm thicker plate, longer supporting gussets and replaced some material in areas in an attempt to allow it to better support weight. This is a bracket for the TrackTrailer TVAN that takes advantage of an eye plate that's factory mounted on the side near the kitchen. Lights (not included, LED recommended) can be mounted to this bracket and the bracket then simply sits into the eye plate for quick set up at camp. NB: Due to variances in manufacturing and materials as well as variation in the eye plates this is designed to fit to, the fit is intentionally tight and in some instances may require filing or sanding to adjust. The alternative of making the fit looser would result in it being too loose in some instances which couldn't be adjusted.
cm: 14 w x 9.3 d x 5.474 h
in: 5.512 w x 3.661 d x 2.155 h


  • White Strong & Flexible

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.