Twilight's Treehouse (open version)

Twilight's Treehouse (open version) 3d printed Figurines Toys
This is a model of Twilight Sparkle's Treehouse Library that should be just the right size for the Blindbag ponies. It comes with 5 different pieces; the base, the roof, the door, and the two parts of the house itself. I made it this way so that it can be opened up and played with in a variety of ways. Additionally there is a hole in the door and next to the doorway of the house so that the door can be made to have a hinge with a bit of string. Made with Tinkercad:
cm: 27.504 w x 27.626 d x 28.574 h
in: 10.828 w x 10.876 d x 11.25 h


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