HTC 8X Custom Case "HTC 8x" Theme

  • White

    White nylon plastic polished to reveal a smooth matte finish.


This HTC 8X case is both stylish and functional! The case protects the soft surface of the HTC 8X by providing impact resistant padding on the 4 corners and scratch/abrasion resistance on both the glass and back. The case simply snaps onto the 4 corners of the phone and the sides! Currently the only material options are limited to the "White Strong Flexible" due to the soft coating on the phone absorbing dye from the colored plastic. The white strong flexible can easily be painted to further customize the case for yourself. I highly recommend the "polished" for a smoother finish. For custom cases including names, logo's or a totally unique design, please contact me for more information.


IN: 2.766 w x 2.766 d x 2.766 h
CM: 7.026 w x 13.53 d x 1.188 h