Steampunk D9 two in one Fudge Dice

Steampunk D9 two in one Fudge Dice 3d printed Board games Dice
A Steampunk themed die with nine gear shaped faces that can be horizontal when rolled. A single one of these dice can be rolled in place of two Fudge dice; Each face has a plus, a minus, a double plus, a double minus, or is blank, simulating the sum result of rolling two standard Fudge dice (with each plus/minus pair cancelling out).

One of these dice may also be used to produce a random number from -4 through +4 with a probability distribution that is approximately linear. There are two types of gear faces; the 3 equatorial faces lie between the curved arms of the cross like figures; if one of these faces are rolled, then the value is simply the value on that face (-1, 0 or +1 for minus, blank and plus respectively). If one of the polar faces are rolled, then either add or subtract two to the value (depending on whether the positive or negative pole is more upright)

Note: While not necessary, an ultra-fine tip permanent marker can be used to make the symbols easier to read.
cm: 2.34 w x 2.026 d x 2.518 h
in: 0.921 w x 0.798 d x 0.991 h


For the polyhedronist and mathematically curious, the convex hull of this die is based on a 9 sided polyhedron which can be described by t4dP3 using Conway Notation (see:; this polyhedron can be thought of as the intersection of a triangular prism and its dual, a triangular dipyramid
May 11, 2013, 6:43 pm
  • Coral Red Strong & Flexible Polished

    Pinkish red, richly colored nylon plastic with a smooth finish.


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