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PELVIS module

PELVIS module 3d printed Sculptures Toys PELVIS / fitting
PELVIS / fitting
  • Gloss Black Ceramics

    Deep black ceramic with a glossy, smooth finish. Food-safe.


3D printing has allowed the re-imagining of the brick, standard rectangles don't need to be the standard building block. The PELVIS module is the contemporary brick - interlocking construct redefined by CNC solutions: 3D printing.

The PELVIS is inspired by the stacking of human vertebrae. Biological systems employ efficient packing geometries, and the PELVIS takes advantage of this. Not only does it interlock as a vertical "spinal" stack, but as a linear wall array or a wall stack.

Make your own configurations with mini PELVIS modules!

+ the PELVIS is 2/3 the size as depicted in the cast prototype (image and video) and much smaller then the robot cnc milled prototype.

+ each order is for a single PELVIS module.


IN: 3.033 w x 3.033 d x 3.033 h
CM: 7.704 w x 4.864 d x 3.252 h