N AEM7 Loco Body Amtrak/SEPTA/MARC

N AEM7 Loco Body Amtrak/SEPTA/MARC 3d printed Model trains
Body Shell for AEM7 Electric Locomotive. Shell represents units as-built. Air conditioners for cab roofs and roof-mounted large brake resistor grid housing are available separately on this Store. This shell is not designed to fit any specific N scale mechanism, but the truckbase of the prototype is 25' 7". Fleischmann makes an N scale SJ Rc4 electric that was the prototype for the AEM7, and this would of course provide a nice accurate drive and trucks, but this model is not cheap and may only be available through European model train importers in the USA. Suitable N scale pantographs are available from several makers, including Sommerfeldt and Bachmann. Photos show a sample shell printing with Bachmann HHP-8 pantographs installed.
cm: 1.954 w x 9.558 d x 2.428 h
in: 0.769 w x 3.763 d x 0.956 h


Great design. The printing quality of Shapeways has improved significantly since my last order of a E44. Primed with #1200, wet sanded and then it looks just like a well-molded resin shell. I have used a new Tomix ED75/76/79 as a powered chassis. Mechanically, the three ED75/6/9 chassis ranks: latest release Tomix > KATO > Pre-2008 Tomix. All chassis require some work to install DCC, but the latest Tomix chassis has the most space.
August 22, 2013, 9:40 am
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