Pendant Of The Shapers

Pendant Of The Shapers 3d printed Pendants Fashion
This design was done for the Shapeways weekend emblem of the Shapers contest seen here, which I won, but then again hardly anyone entered! hehe

The six sacred owls surround the outline of the Shapeways star as seen in the Shapeways logo.  The owls and the Shapeways star are only seen head on whereas at other angles it only appears as a strange abstract design.  I'd say more, but it's a SECRET!
cm: 4.052 w x 4.344 d x 0.788 h
in: 1.595 w x 1.71 d x 0.31 h


  • Gold Plated Brass

    Pure brass plated in 22k gold and hand-polished to a fine sheen.


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