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Blaze 3 3D Ultra Micro Hotliner RC Airplane

  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


The Blaze 3 3D Ultra Micro Hotliner RC is the first high performance aircraft to be completely 3D printed. Rev 3 features: AS3X gyro stabilization receiver, easy twist in bayonet motor mount, 50% larger tail surfaces. For complete Ready-To-Fly versions, order from . To complete, add a Spektrum AS6410NBL 6 ch receiver with speed control, 4 SPMAS2000 ultramicro servos for the ailerons, elevator & rudder, a Turnigy 1181-200 brushless motor, 6x3 prop, 260mah 2s battery & 0.5mm steel wire for the 4 servos. Slide/rotate battery cover. Plane weight 37g. Flying weight 74g. NOTE: Default is white


IN: 13.087 w x 13.087 d x 13.087 h
CM: 33.24 w x 25.012 d x 6.56 h