Conchoid Earrings

Conchoid Earrings 3d printed Earrings
A pair of earrings modelled from a Conchoid surface, a shell-like mathematical equation.

The shape, defined by an ever growing circular profile swept around a spiral that widens exponentially, is driven by the following parametric equations:

x = (k^u)(1+cos v)(cos u)

y = (k^u)(1+cos v)(sin u)

z = (k^u)(sin v) - a (k^u)

The earrings are a mirror image of each other and have been hollowed out in order to save material and to resemble a seashell. The holes, where the hook's ring is to be attached, lie on the same y coordinate as the model's center of mass, thus being intended to hang in the upright position with no tilting (i.e. as seen on the renderings). Right now the hooks are NOT included.

To get these along with the Golden Spiral Pendant:

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cm: 4.452 w x 1.978 d x 2.602 h
in: 1.753 w x 0.779 d x 1.024 h


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