Ice King Crown - Size 12

Ice King Crown - Size 12 3d printed Jewelry Rings
This ring will give you power over all manner of ice and snow!* Control the elements with the arcane power!** Drawing inspiration from Adventure Time, the Ice King's crown is now yours to own! I suggest getting it in glossy gold plate, and then using some finger nail polish to color in the gems. As always, this is in a size 12, but I can resize it to anything you like. Please drop me a line and I can have your size whipped up in a moment's notice. *Nope. **This is also a lie.
cm: 2.456 w x 2.53 d x 2.234 h
in: 0.967 w x 0.996 d x 0.88 h


  • Polished Gold Steel

    Enrobed in 24k gold and polished to a mild sheen with visible print lines.


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