Diva Pistols

Diva Pistols 3d printed Toys
"Twins to die for. The Diva Pistols fire independent bursts in rapid succession. Each shot left a trail in mid-air, hiding the next. Used together, the Diva Pistols could match the Diva Blaster's rate of fire. Their smaller designs kept energy supplies accessible to the firing mechanisms at any angle without exposed cables. The trade-off was for weaker shots than the Diva Blaster, conserving energy supplies and giving each shot its signature trail. The Diva Pistols came with three armour spikes for close-range engagements. Battlefield testing reported flexibility beyond the norm for ranged weapons and a successful three-clawed strike at close range, though the shorter barrels sacrificed the accuracy of the already limited shots."
cm: 3.892 w x 2.05 d x 4.302 h
in: 1.532 w x 0.807 d x 1.694 h


  • Alumide

    Grey nylon plastic with a subtle metallic sparkle.


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