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Tetris Pendant - 1.5 inch

Tetris Pendant - 1.5 inch 3d printed Pendants Fashion Shown - Antique Bronze, Glossy
Shown - Antique Bronze, Glossy
  • Polished Bronze Steel

    Enhanced bronze color, polished to a mild sheen with visible print lines.


Tetris pendant! Attractive beveled edges with hearts. 1/8-inch diameter hole for attaching to a chain. Pendent is 1.5 inches wide by 1 inch tall. This pendant can feel a little heavy compared to other jewelry - please see my Tetris Pendant - 1 inch for a smaller version.


IN: 1.5 w x 1.5 d x 1.5 h
CM: 3.81 w x 2.54 d x 0.68 h