Crash Cannon

Crash Cannon 3d printed Toys
"Callous power. The Crash Cannon fires large energy bolts which explode on impact for extra damage. The weapon's bulk is devoted to accelerating energy projectiles, leaving concentrated and condensed energy supplies visible along the Crash Cannon's body. Twin blades mounted on the front of the Crash Cannon compensate for its high energy consumption. In a pinch, the weapon can stab enemies, resulting in a deep gash and a chance for a point-blank shot. Battlefield testing reported high levels of power, though a reliance on limited supplies of condensed, concentrated energy made it impractical for long campaigns."
cm: 3.5 w x 1.92 d x 5.444 h
in: 1.378 w x 0.756 d x 2.143 h


  • Alumide

    Grey nylon plastic with a subtle metallic sparkle.


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