Autostrike Blaster

Autostrike Blaster 3d printed Toys
"Point-and-shoot. The Autostrike Blaster fires continuously, only needing its trigger held down. Its large body contains a plentiful energy supply, sustaining its lethal spray of shots. 6 barrels channel energy into small shots. The small barrel diameter created high-density projectiles which didn't break apart on impact, being worn down gradually as they ripped through enemy internals. Battlefield testing reported a long-lasting weapon with a high rate of fire and significant damage output, held back only by small entry wounds and relative inaccuracy."
cm: 2.862 w x 2.032 d x 5.25 h
in: 1.127 w x 0.8 d x 2.067 h


  • Alumide

    Grey nylon plastic with a subtle metallic sparkle.


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