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Earrings - TULIP

Earrings - TULIP 3d printed Jewelry Earrings Earrings - Buy 2pcs. for earrings!
Earrings - Buy 2pcs. for earrings!
  • Black

    Black nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


Wear it as earrings or necklace. You can get it pure snow white or colored nylon (Black, Red, Pink, Violet and Blue). Nylon's rough texture gives nice, luxurious look for the earrings. Material is also strong and flexible. Hooks are not included.

Just make order and enjoy your new pair of earrings or make someone very happy given as a gift.

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IN: 0.418 w x 0.418 d x 0.418 h
CM: 1.062 w x 1.124 d x 3.844 h


great idea! really like the shape!
March 7, 2010, 1:11 pm