Robovests Vol. 6 (12 Vests)

Robovests Vol. 6 (12 Vests) 3d printed Figurines Toys
**UNTESTED** This set of fourteen "robovests" are suitable for customizing minifigures from transforming robot building sets. Each vest features a detailed chest piece, 4.9mm neck ring, and a 4.9mm peg on the back (with a 3mm diameter hole in the center). Make your minifigs look like 80s transforming robots! The chest plates included are 1x buggy/copter bot, 1x hero cassette bot, 1x carrier/jet bot, 1x stock car chassis, 1x mini-tank turret, 1x mini-hovercraft, 1x mini-bomber, 1x mini-UFO bot, 1x mad scientist race car, 1x sports car roof, 1x mini-windy-car, and 1x fire-engine chassis . Vests are fully compatible with transforming robot building set mini-figs. They will also fit on "leading brand" minifigs, but they will limit arm movement. (Minifigs in photos are for demonstration purposes only. They are not included with the vests.) The chest plates are also available in a set without the back plates or without the back plates and neck rings.
cm: 9.47 w x 1.47 d x 5.31 h
in: 3.728 w x 0.579 d x 2.091 h


  • White Strong & Flexible

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.