Modern Flower Vase

Modern Flower Vase 3d printed Accessories For Your Home
This flower vase allows water to be put into the small rim around the bottom, that once poured into, the water would travel into the main 'chamber' supplying the flower(s) with water. Furthermore when the rim around the bottom is empty (no water) then you know that the flowers need more water (Provided you fill it using this method to start with and not filling the main chamber directly) without having to look into the main chamber. Renders will be added soon.
cm: 7.12 w x 7.12 d x 6.934 h
in: 2.803 w x 2.803 d x 2.73 h


  • Avocado Green Ceramics

    Pale green ceramic with a glossy, smooth finish. Food-safe.