365 Hearts Ring

365 Hearts Ring 3d printed Art Rings
365 Hearts Ring – US Size 7  

One heart created by 365 smaller hearts, symbolizing the love you feel for someone being built up of the many little things you love the person for.

The 365 hearts can also represent the 365 days in a year. Love and time merge in harmony in this meaningful design. You can wear eternal love, it has bonded mankind in beautiful ways. A perfect gift for an anniversary or birthday. 

This beautiful video shows all hearts dance together to evolve into a large one. The intricate digital model of ‘365 hearts’ can only be realized in sterling silver by combining state of the art 3D printing technique with the classical ‘lost wax process’. A helpful ring size conversion site can be found here

Available ring sizes:
Click here for US size 5
Click here for US size 6
Click here for US size 7
Click here for US size 8
Click here for US size 9
Click here for US size 10

cm: 2.13 w x 1.796 d x 2.852 h
in: 0.839 w x 0.707 d x 1.123 h


  • Gold Plated Brass

    Pure brass plated in 22k gold and hand-polished to a fine sheen.


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