Szilassi polyhedron coloured

Szilassi polyhedron coloured 3d printed Art Mathematical Art Both sides now
Both sides now
  • Frosted Detail

    Matte translucent plastic with fine print lines that reveals small details.


The Szilassi polyhedron is a seven-sided torus where every face is in contact with all of the other faces, proving that for toroidal topology, 7 different colours are required for a surface map.

This simple little shape is a mathematical curiosity, designed to demonstrate colour printing on the sandstone material. It is also a handy filler for topping those orders up to $25.

Following changes to the minimum size requirements for some materials, this model was no longer printable. Consequently, I have now increased the size of the model from 2.5 cm to 4 cm in order to make it printable again.


IN: 1.1 w x 1.1 d x 1.1 h
CM: 2.794 w x 2.906 d x 3.84 h