The Engineer from team Fortress

The Engineer from team Fortress 3d printed Figurines Desk Toys
Show your preference for engineering with this Team Fortress engineer on your desk.
cm: 5.346 w x 5.322 d x 6.13 h
in: 2.105 w x 2.095 d x 2.413 h


The color on his suspenders looks reallllllly sloppy. I'm also not sure what's up with the weird grey spec on the left of his helmet. I wouldn't order this in sandstone. It's obvious the textures got horribly distorted.
April 4, 2014, 2:07 am
@stefdevos Umm, I don't see the 'full color sandstone', and the default preset is, 'White Strong and Flexible'. I'm asking because I'm interested in buying it and I want it pre-colored, but its not in the menu.
December 1, 2013, 2:52 am
@returnofthecicadas If you order it in 'full color sandstone' (the default material) it will come pre-colored.
October 6, 2013, 2:58 pm
how did you get the coloring on this model? did you have to paint it afterwards, or can it come produced with color? Thanks!
October 6, 2013, 2:51 am
  • White Strong & Flexible

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


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