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1:300 Tatra 815 VVN; set of 3 different variants

  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


1:300th scale Tatra 815 VVN trucks; 3 different variants: flatbed, open deck, and with tarpaulin. The T815 range was introduced in the mid-1980s to succeed the T148 and T813 models. The range has been continuously updated since then, and is now also produced India. The photos showing painted but un-based models come courtesy of Fred Oliver, and show the three vehicles from this set printed out in the default cheapest WSF plastic (along with a container on the flat-deck version). The other photos also show examples done in the cheapest WSF plastic; note the grainyness of the material; these based-up versions were painted by myself. WSF is good enough for the piping at the back of the cabs, but if you order this model in WSF, you might get a rejection from Shapeways saying the step/mudguard over the front wheel of each model is too thin - you can see it is slightly misprinted in some of these models, for example. "Fixing" this is not a trivial task, however... With WSF, you can also see some "stepping" on the tops of the tarpaulin due to the way WSF is printed: layer by layer. "You pays your money and you takes your choice", as they say...


IN: 1.431 w x 1.431 d x 1.431 h
CM: 3.634 w x 3.012 d x 1.784 h