MG144-Aotrs06 Enrager Heavy Assault Droid Platoon

  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


Army Of The Red Spear

The Enrager essentially a much bigger War Droid. The larger body allows a much more advanced AI, giving better (though not perfect) performance. Tests have shown it is extremely difficult to dislodge an Enrager from a defended position. It is armed with a shoulder mounted heavy Plasma-Pulse cannon and Coldbeam Cannon. On each arm, it carries a modified infantry support weapon - a Plasma-Pulse Cannon and Coldbeam Cannon, for dealing with infantry instead of the main guns. It is quite capable of holding it's own against a whole squad.

As a humanoid, rather than tank, the Enrager’s Reaction time is vastly better than an AFV. It can do anything an infantryman that is about 4 metres tall could do. The arm-mounted weapons can swivel back so it can lift objects (up to of light vehicle size with both hands). It can activate two weapons systems on the same target like twin-mounted fire-linked turrets. An Enrager at close range blasting off all it’s weapons is devastating sight.


IN: 2.816 w x 2.816 d x 2.816 h
CM: 7.152 w x 2.946 d x 2.684 h