Digital Night Vision Scope Adapter ( DSA )

Digital Night Vision Scope Adapter ( DSA ) 3d printed Mechanical parts Accessories
Prototype adapter for xGen Night Vision Monocular to connect to a generic 2-7x32AO Riflescope with 3 rails. Designed for ocular bells of 42.2 mm diameter. Can change for other diameters. Best in black to keep out IR light from the lens system. Experimental, though has been tested and printed on an UP! 3D Mini printer. May require a little sanding to remove construction and support material depending on lens choice. Works with the original xGen 2x. The Shapeways product has not been tested. Please provide feedback if you download it. No holes have been drilled in this model. It's intended to be installed with 3 bolts, but two is enough and small quick-release bolts should be fine. Released under CC BY-NC 3.0
cm: 6.048 w x 9.524 d x 9 h
in: 2.381 w x 3.75 d x 3.543 h


  • Black Strong & Flexible

    Black nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.