Hunter Class AssaultCruiser

Hunter Class AssaultCruiser 3d printed SciFi Miniatures
USS Hunter NX-98.22123 The USS Hunter, Hunter Class, is a combined effort vessel created during the first year of the Dominion Wars, using intel gathered from defecting Karama (Dominion conqured species) as well as Vorta intel. The purpose of the Hunter strictly to fight off Jem-Hadar raiders and resist all Dominion weaponry. Equipped with a cloaking device, that was designed to resist all Dominion sensors, it would be visible to Romulan and Klingon allies. The Hunter also had 4-nacelles, each devoting direct power to the 4 following systems, Shields, Weapons, Cloak and Warp/Impulse. Upon completion, the hunter saw its first bit of action, intercepting what it thought was a small group of Dominion ships, only to come toe to toe with the Breen. While its defenses and cloak were not designed to fight Breen, it did so admirably. Its impressive assets proved more than a match for one large Breen battle ship and 4 smaller attack cruisers. It took one direct hit from the Breen energy dampening weapon, but inter twined power flow combined with Karama/Vorta technology protected it from the weapons full effect. Command Crew include: Captain Bradford Smith (human) First officer Vuroli (Andorian) and Second officer Mollie Keen (human)
cm: 3.724 w x 1.552 d x 6.982 h
in: 1.466 w x 0.611 d x 2.749 h


  • White Strong & Flexible

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


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