Rabbit Netsuke (accessory for Japanese kimono)

Rabbit Netsuke (accessory for Japanese kimono) 3d printed Art Sculptures
Several years ago, I carved a wooden rabbit in the form of a netsuke (Japanese sculpture used to secure their inro, or medicine box, to the sash of kimono). Eventually, a friend laser-scanned the carving and sent me the 3D file, which I've touched up and am debuting to shapeways.

While netsuke like this were traditionally used as part of Japanese attire/accessory, this bunny will be just at home on a your desk, bookshelf or coffee table.

cm: 3.786 w x 6.244 d x 6.406 h
in: 1.491 w x 2.458 d x 2.522 h


  • Eggshell Blue Ceramics

    Pale blue ceramic with a glossy, smooth finish. Food-safe.


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