Elements of Harmony Challenge Coin

Elements of Harmony Challenge Coin 3d printed Art Accessories
This coin has the six Elements of Harmony on each side, and is the size of a poker chip (though slightly thicker than a poker chip). Use it as a display piece to show off your My Little Pony passion, or as a Challenge Coin to identify other bronies.

Note, full-color sandstone is rather fragile, so if you want a nice display piece that's already colored, order the sandstone style. If you want one to carry around and/or flip like a coin, choose one of the other options.
cm: 7.794 w x 7.794 d x 0.474 h
in: 3.069 w x 3.069 d x 0.187 h


This... Will definitely get me into trouble if I use it as a Challenge Coin... Screw it, I'm getting it, just need help deciding what material to get it in... XD
January 12, 2014, 3:11 am
  • White Detail

    Firm white plastic with a smooth surface and rubbery feel.


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