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Army of Arverians (without base)

  • Frosted Detail

    Matte translucent plastic with fine print lines that reveals small details.


The Arverians are fantasy satyr, this ones were sculpted for the game RotVar!, in a edited edition without base. In this way you can glue the arverians in your favourite base for playing your favourite wargame or role playing game. The set is composed by 5 characters: Undet the Lancer, Thera the Archer, Niruli the Wizard, Jakku the Assassin and Toryden the Druid. The miniatures are tall aproximatively 4-5cm, these satyrs are human size for the 3cm miniature scale but they are perfect for the 28mm scale, in this last scale they are a little taller than a human. You can see here the board game RotVar!


IN: 4.746 w x 4.746 d x 4.746 h
CM: 12.054 w x 5.084 d x 7.166 h