Gearship 3d printed Miniatures
My apologetics to the person who attempted to order this model and had it rejected. There is currently a discrepancy between Shapeway's automated approval for uploaded files, and the tolerances that they accept at the printing stage. As I had not yet ordered a print for myself, the print issues were unknown to me. I am currently working to resolve this and hope will stop by in the future. The model will remain off sale to the public until I have a physical, proven copy in my hand! A new airship design featuring exposed gears and an air-screw. Designed to be printed in FD or FUD and mounted on a 3mm stem. The design is hollowed for cost reduction but not vented so there will be a wax core!
cm: 6.262 w x 1.25 d x 1.656 h
in: 2.465 w x 0.492 d x 0.652 h


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