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Scorponok 'Shades' alternative head

Not For Sale
REMOVED DUE TO UPDATE. Had a look at this again and been thinking for a while his face sticks out a bit too much from the helmet, so I have done a redesign which has the plug nearer the front, this also means the head doesn't have to be as deep, so it will be cheaper. This is an alternative head for use with the original Transformers Headmaster Toy Scorponok, to make him more cartoon/comic accurate. It plugs in and stays in the headmaster socket, though his power readout isn't quite right. :) This comes in white and will need to be painted. As far as feel goes I recommend going for White Plastic Polished. This is an update to the other head I have on here.


IN: 0.833 w x 0.833 d x 0.833 h
CM: 2.116 w x 1.876 d x 2.758 h