Guy Man Cufflink - Right Sleeve

Guy Man Cufflink - Right Sleeve 3d printed Jewelry Cufflinks
Here is the right handed cufflink of my Guy Man design. Image is of glossy gold material. NOTE: image is of my left handed cufflink flipped, so it’s not a ‘real’ image. Right handed means that if this cufflink is worn on the right wrist, the 'face' will be facing forward towards the cuff. Please Note: There are 4 cufflinks in my store to chose from, Guy Man/Thomas, left/right sleeve. This is so you can pick the set of your choice, be it both Thomas, both Guy Man, or one of each. The 'handedness' of the model is whether the 'face' of the model faces left or right. A left sleeve model has the face towards the left, so that if worn on the left sleeve the face is towards the cuff. A right sleeve therefore faces the right for going on the right cuff. In order to have a full set you will need to purchase two cufflinks of your choice. The image of both cufflinks is my personal set, which is a Guy Man Left in glossy gold, and Thomas Right in glossy silver.
cm: 2.378 w x 1.956 d x 1.92 h
in: 0.936 w x 0.77 d x 0.756 h


  • Gold Plated Brass

    Pure brass plated in 22k gold and hand-polished to a fine sheen.


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